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ABOUT Mobile Tech Unit

Mobile tech Unit was Born in 2005 in Philadelphia.  Started with simple technical support for a small accounting firm.  After that MTU began to use labor service platforms such as Workmarket, Inc., Field Solutions and Most Recently Thumbtack, Inc.

Mobile tech unit is more than a service company, its an idea!!! Ideas are rapidly changing and evolving, thus is MTU. Our wide range of services provide solutions for everyone from the freshman in college to the thriving law office. ​

Mobile tech unit started with a simple premise, fix the customer. Its an core value actually.  Often time the customer doesn't know what the situation is, the only thing that matters is a result, and while MTU is not able to solve every problem we do our best to ensure our customer is happy as possible.

When performing a service call its important to identify the issue by trying to gather as much information as possible without excess aggravation to the end user. This is done in an effort to critically think about the issue and the potential fix that particular problem

So if there is something you encounter either at school, at home or in the office, its a good idea to seek out Mobile Tech Unit. No need to venture to other costly service companies, dont get frustrated trying to solve the issue, thats our job and were very good at it



MTU offers a wide variety of services which includes but is not limited to.....

  • PC and Printer Networking 
  • Server Maintenance and office Management
  • PC/Laptop hardware installation, and repair
  • LCD / Rear Projection / Plasma TV Repair 
  • Printer troubleshooting, and repair 
  • Copier and Duplicator Service and repair


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